Our mission is to enable electronic payment for businesses

MPayment is an electronic payment products, services and solution company. Businesses use our payment platform and services to streamline their operation to improve payment collection efficiency.

Company History

Despite the availability of various electronic payment channels, businesses are still having problems integrating their operation with multiple payment modes and automating reconciliation processes. Adoption of payment technologies has been slow due to insufficient integration capabilities.

Founded in 2000 and was backed by very strong and established investors including W3 Infocomm Group, GreenDot Capital and Singapore Technologies Electronics. GreenDot Capital was an investment arm under Temasek Holdings while W3 Infocomm Group is a Venture Capital Investment Company.

MPayment’s platform was used to link up retail merchants, telecommunication companies and banks to provide seamless, secure and convenient mobile payment services for consumers. Patent was also awarded to MPayment for its unique payment method and approach to manage transactions.

After deploying our payment platform in Singapore, MPayment proceeded to secure very good payment projects in Malaysia and China. Our patented mobile payment product was deployed in one of the biggest bank in Malaysia to support payments from telecommunication companies and other merchants.

Today, MPayment is able to handle both international and domestic transaction channels for our merchants, acquiring banks and other financial institutions. We are also rapidly expanding our operation and partner network to cover the region. International businesses are engaging MPayment’s services.

Our Value Propositions

Businesses are convinced on our value propositions and engaged us to help with their payment integration and processing. Below are our value propositions:

Multiple Payment Modes

Many electronic payment modes are supported by our platform and new payment modes can be added into the platform without affecting existing integration interfaces.

Ready Partner Integration

Our platform is readily integrated to various payment gateways and financial institutions. Hence, there is effciency in connecting with these partners to expedite the implementation of electronic payment solutions for businesses.

Integrated Payment Flow

Various integration points are available to customise payment flow to suit business. These integration points provide flexibility in customisation.

Long Proven Track Record

We have a long history of proven track record in helping businesses integrate and streamlining their processes to leverage on payment technologies.

User Friendly Operation

Transaction management features allow businesses to do self-service functions for their payments. Various roles can be assigned to internal staff to assist in managing the transactions.

Customer Services

We provide deep domain consultation services for businesses who are keen to explore payment integration to their operation. Our highly trained customer service personnel can assist on inquiries.


MPayment Is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified.

Our Customers Can Be Assured That
Sensitive Information Are Handled And Stored Securely.



Launched NETS Virtual Card mobile payment which was the pioneer mobile payment technology deployed in Singapore.

One of the 4 consortium out of total of 39 competitors been awarded the Mobile Payment Call for Collaboration.

Won the top prize in Wireless Asia M-Apps International Award against 75 international competitors. A co-winner of the top prize is Hong Kong’s Sunday Telecom.

Launched the world’s first mobile library information, renewal & payment service in the world (presented at the World Library Congress hosted by National Library Board).

Mobile Payment Gateway rolled out for Maxis, Celcom and Digi with Maybank Malaysia as part of their Mobile Financial Services to allow pre-paid top-up of air-time credits.

Successful patent registration for MPayment’s mobile electronic funds transfer system and method.